As subtle as death was, it would not

speak through you. As subtle as the hands were

they would not reach you. It was a long time

coming and you…

I’d like to extract the core of conservationism from conservatism and replant it in a bigger pot; where many see progress, safety, science, I see winnowing, narrowing, destabilizing; I see the destruction of ecological pillars of the human self — the poisoning of the system that is the Soul.

I have the melancholy feeling that the last year has cut a major highway through the human soul: the equivalent of a Robert Moses bridge running through the old Inward Park. …

But no, no you do not come for this. You

remain inoculated against time and self-transformation.

You are incapable of loss and therefore

incapable of gain.

The deep within does not abide. You suffer

forward, like a creature with its eyes put out.

Endurance is demanded from you and your hope.

This is a mirror that…

Let’s distinguish between types of complexity: aesthetic complexity (a Gothic cathedral) and bureaucratic complexity (the IRS). Then, let’s apply Gresham’s law: bureaucratic complexity drives out aesthetic complexity — the inane drives out the beautiful.

We behave in terms of the imagery of our environment.

Covid has given everyone who wanted to be a victim a way to be a victim. The Virus is a vanity mirror for the self-pitying.

There is no greater charade than a young, healthy person celebrating their vaccination.

The politics of homogeneity — all individual preferences and values must be liquidated and poured into the mold…

  1. It is hard to expel the idea that, if you’re not consuming, you’re not enjoying; after a certain point, the lie becomes true. In QuarLife, we’re like animals in a feedlot, fattening for future harvesting. We consume because that’s inevitably how we become valuable to the System.
  2. Disneyland New York City remains closed.
  3. Chaos organizes itself into an existentialism: we are at the top level of a pyramid which can’t see its own base...
  4. I’ve noticed that “obsession” has replaced “passion.” …

intricate undeath

or autopoeisis in

distinguishable from your

beginnings or the poetry

you trim from your brain

the sharpest stone is not

dissonance it is the flint

of yearning

The future arrives without comment, and keeps arriving, like gales in a storm; the human struggles to maintain its ballast. I think, almost a year after Covid became a thing, people are beginning to understand that the changes we have made and accepted are permanent; there is no going back. The return to the pre-Covid era is simply a fantasy; Covid was actually the culmination, the consequence, of the way we were living: it was the sum of our fears — the manifestation of collective insecurity and anxiety. There is no outside of Covid, there is no silver bullet —…

you lay the particles on the table like

shells recrystallized folio delicate

unafraid for love’s sake I catch the myopic dust

before it lands drifting close the pandemonium of


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