Listening to William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops over and over. I’m out of the city and the night air is so warm and almost vacuous — or feels vacuous without underlying urban activity. I’ve been on a screen too much tonight. I wish I was just reading, but I’m not. I feel the need to write — write something. I feel like if I stop writing completely I’ll never start again. Maybe that’s the outcome of living in a hysterical society: you can’t year yourself away from the screen, the stream, the scroll; you feel bound up with the vascular system…


— Heidegger’s stammering brother Fritz

The pandemic is over (though it has been over probably since last May as a real, tangle, experience-able public health emergency), but the damage — specifically the cognitive damage caused by the pandemic — lingers, digs in, entrenches. I feel it. I feel how hard it is to close my laptop, turn off my iPad, my phone and just go out; I have become a creature of the QuarLife even as I resisted it, wrote about it, complained about, actively tried to live a non-QuarLife. My brain is a QuarBrain, a function of the…

I feel, at times, a new self pushing up through the old, dead one, like a fingernail after the original has been damaged. With this newish self comes a kind of urgency, an awareness that even with ‘re-opening’ — a return to ‘normal’ — things will not be put right (that maybe they were never right to begin with).

Counter-intuitively, the past year of relative isolation has meant a great divestiture of privacy, a surrender of inner-life to the hive-mind. …

  1. Something happens to us: we start to crave the game version and not the real thing — the artificial to the natural, the advertisement to the product. Kitsch creeps in, displaces the sacred. Habit creeps in, replaces the unstructured, the free. And it becomes frightening to live, to be otherwise. It becomes impossible.
  2. Noted: safety rituals performed by depressed Zoomers who talk about being on SSRI’s and wishing they were dead.
  3. The commons seem to have partially recovered in the past few months, only something seems to be missing. The Covid commons is a Zombie commons. …

Eros and imagination are a single motion of

the same general action — where the whole question of

behavior is swept in and out of view. I cannot

characterize this…

So much in the certain irregularity of the daily

unbecoming that you cultivate


launch into the near-term future. You are monotone;

I am imperfect. Along the circles of the…

It takes confidence to philosophize, partly because in the process you start to realize whatever liberation narratives — freedom narratives — you’ve shored around yourself like potshards are basically crap

it all depends on the condition of taste

so you must weigh the violence with your hands

the Gothic inventor does not leave a sign of his interpreation

and makes…

The pathological tendency of the American spirit is to believe anything that makes it feel good.

The American left and the American right are illusions, ephemera, brands that hide a basic sameness in our political and social thought — a basic addiction to shallow, ahistorical reasoning consumed straight out of the corporate media can.

The symptom of a dying soul is its unquenchable desire for stimulation. …

Whether by plan, opportunism, or chaotic accident — the CCP has managed to achieve near moral equivalency with many of the world’s democratic republics, which have become increasingly autocratic, surveillance-oriented…

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