Eros and imagination are a single motion of

the same general action — where the whole question of

behavior is swept in and out of view. I cannot

characterize this…

So much in the certain irregularity of the daily

unbecoming that you cultivate


launch into the near-term future. You are monotone;

I am imperfect. Along the circles of the…

It takes confidence to philosophize, partly because in the process you start to realize whatever liberation narratives — freedom narratives — you’ve shored around yourself like potshards are basically crap

it all depends on the condition of taste

so you must weigh the violence with your hands

the Gothic inventor does not leave a sign of his interpreation

and makes…

The pathological tendency of the American spirit is to believe anything that makes it feel good.

The American left and the American right are illusions, ephemera, brands that hide a basic sameness in our political and social thought — a basic addiction to shallow, ahistorical reasoning consumed straight out of the corporate media can.

The symptom of a dying soul is its unquenchable desire for stimulation. …

Whether by plan, opportunism, or chaotic accident — the CCP has managed to achieve near moral equivalency with many of the world’s democratic republics, which have become increasingly autocratic, surveillance-oriented…

A sense of an ending. The sense that it is ending. A shift in people that yields, if not hope, then the hope for hope. The vaccine, for better or worse, is just the kind of magic talisman people need to go return to the outside world, a little bit. Suddenly, the vaccinated are starting to find all their old behaviors ridiculous, though they won’t admit it — only point it out in others. They’re on the other side of the looking glass. They believe they have made the right sacrifices, performed the right spells; they feel the god Science…


This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco,
This ain’t no fooling around
No time for dancing, or lovey dovey,
I ain’t got time for that now

— Talking Heads

The future after Covid: replication of the old normal with a difference: traumatic scars, anti-social tendencies, emotional deadness (spores of dead feeling floating across the ocean of the self). The microtexture of everything will be altered (even if the macrotexture is roughly the same). New precedents will be set, old barriers broken down and liquidated. The human will never be the same again even if human activity in the…

I drift through, but no one is watching or waving.

Along the rivers the hills burn and the people

flee. There was once something here called Eternity,

but it was…

As subtle as death was, it would not

speak through you. As subtle as the hands were

they would not reach you. It was a long time

coming and you…

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