Now there is never something that

You can never quite articulate that speaks

Up and down the ladder of vowels and vows

And moves you to assimilate yourself into


Fake fears have obscured real needs. The need to protect oneself from Covid at all costs has muted the will to live.

Civilization puts a lid on our cruelest tendencies, but the steam just hisses out the sides.

I look at the year ahead and I think: that is just…

Half of what I said was metaphor.

Quietness, the gift.

The heart asleep.

I drew a circle here: eyeless and strange.

I strapped you in. The moths

Around the house…

Winter without winter. A Baroque feeling

Of things, permeating the half-lost field of

Vision and observation. In this, there is

Death and life, but you have to choose. Your vigilance

The mirror was a

Shining body of light. Children saw a million

Translucent dawns, but it didn’t matter.

Days passed out of order. You couldn’t

Put them back together.

There was no subtlety in the dismemberment:

The landscape was stripped to its skeleton. The

Trees pulled up, the stones tossed into a pond.

No one can endure like this…

Listening to William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops over and over. I’m out of the city and the night air is so warm and almost vacuous — or feels vacuous without underlying urban activity. I’ve been on a screen too much tonight. I wish I was just reading, but I’m not. I…


— Heidegger’s stammering brother Fritz

The pandemic is over (though it has been over probably since last May as a real, tangle, experience-able public health emergency), but the damage — specifically the cognitive damage caused by the pandemic — lingers, digs in, entrenches. I feel it. I feel how…

  1. Something happens to us: we start to crave the game version and not the real thing — the artificial to the natural, the advertisement to the product. Kitsch creeps in, displaces the sacred. Habit creeps in, replaces the unstructured, the free. And it becomes frightening to live, to be otherwise…

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