Diary of a Plague Year

As a rule of thumb: the more homogeneity prevails over heterogeneity, the less interesting things are.

As a rule of thumb: moralism drives out beauty.

You cannot eliminate all precariousness without eliminating our animal instincts, capacities, pleasures. People enjoy taking risks — calculating and taking risks is part of being human and part of what makes being human interesting.

A lifeworld is a mesh. An apartment is not a lifeworld on its own; a Zoom account is not a lifeworld. Covid-era politics have severed the ties, the capillaries, that bind together our lifeworlds — make them vascular and robust.

Communities lose their resilience without constant, active interchange. Symbiosis is a rule of life. Left to ourselves, we lose those visible and invisible moments of overlap — symbiotic exchange — in which gifts of all kinds, at levels, are shared.

Lockdowns are equivalent to clear-cutting in industrial forestry.

Not all solitudes are created equal.

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