Diary of a Plague Year

The ‘new mutation’ story is so obviously hysteria, so context-free, as to be almost worthless information.

Beware the Corona-Industrial complex, which can’t let go. What incentive do politicians have to give up emergency powers? None. What incentive do politicians have to keep manufacturing emergencies? Everything.

Aesthetics had to be cleared away so that a new technocratic regime could be instituted. If people cared about the Beautiful, they wouldn’t put up with this crap — so the key is to convince them an ugly world is Good.

The horizon of moral value is too low. We must look beyond it.

We’re existential failures, we’re undergoing an ecological crisis of the spiritual sphere — because beauty has been destroyed, because tangible human connections have been severed, because our physical reality has been terribly impoverished.

Ethics should be a subdivision of aesthetics. The kind of goodness we cultivate in our culture makes us shrill, self serving neurotic and proud of our depression and the medicalization of our bodies.

Institutions beget loyalty to institutions — that is their primary function. Experts are really just champions of narrow institutional paradigms; the word expert really denotes someone who wields consensus and convention — not knowledge per se.

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