How to be a liberal-socialist-conservative

  1. Acknowledge that contemporary categories of political belief are a product of for-profit media discourse.
  2. Read history: there is a balance of forces, always. There is push and pull. The wisest historical actors are not in the middle — they on both sides at once; they are everywhere.
  3. Stop being a political brand, be a political person.
  4. Be historical: find your historical roots in the physical world, they will teach you more about your political identity than cable news.
  5. Read Emerson: the greatest American political thinker — and the least categorizable.
  6. Think about what’s right, not about what’s ideologically correct. Think for yourself.
  7. Forget about economics altogether. Economics is not only the dismal science, it is an inhuman one. Give up the obsession with quantative analysis — return to the qualitative. Literally: seek quality.
  8. Remain local, forget the national — it is a terrible, distracting dream.
“A standing man in a black and white shirt reading a newspaper” by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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