Notes on American Fascism VI

Senate Republicans are currently writing a healthcare bill in total secrecy. They plan to hold a vote on said bill on July 4th (irony of ironies) with zero input from Senate Democrats, the public, the CBO, or the press. I wonder, in complete philosophical honesty, why those who make anti-democratic policy changes, that by most statistical measures will put millions of peoples’ lives at risk, face no fine, no jail-time, no real public shame. If a bomb goes off in a public market, and dozens are tragically killed, the bomber, of course, and rightly, is labeled a terrorist; if a bomb goes off in the market-place of laws and norms, and millions die or face serious harm — no one is held accountable. Justice is a matter of perspective. Revolution doesn’t begin on the streets, with chaos or anarchy, it begins with our eyes and our brains.