1. Something happens to us: we start to crave the game version and not the real thing — the artificial to the natural, the advertisement to the product. Kitsch creeps in, displaces the sacred. Habit creeps in, replaces the unstructured, the free. And it becomes frightening to live, to be otherwise. It becomes impossible.
  2. Noted: safety rituals performed by depressed Zoomers who talk about being on SSRI’s and wishing they were dead.
  3. The commons seem to have partially recovered in the past few months, only something seems to be missing. The Covid commons is a Zombie commons. There invisible boundaries between people.
  4. My brain is troubled by the non-electronic page. It wants to swipe, interact, mold it. It is perplexed, out of sorts.
  5. A frightening and pointless way of being: the game-ified isolation silo.
  6. Everyone’s brain is altered, warped, sped up, slowed down.
  7. Friends sit around and talk in therapy jargon about people they know. They don’t seem to know why, but it seems right to them.
  8. Do strangers flirt anymore?
  9. When I first moved to New York City, I wanted most the things I have now; now that I have those things, I want more that I’ve yet to acquire.
  10. A lot of people will have a hard time giving up Covid as an excuse for not doing anything or accepting any invitations.
  11. Let’s oppose the rhythm of digital ecosystems and re-assert the rhythm of the body.
  12. This mode of life tells us we will live forever; it rejects old age and slowness. It is instant, perpetually instant and young. It is conditioned to itself and does not acknowledge the presence and influence of nature and history.
  13. The live outside the organic flow of nature requires wit and creativity — which few have.
  14. Social media is the return of village morality.
  15. The experience of our own longing is a function of an internalized market demand.
  16. The self-commodity can only know anxiety.
  17. Gender confusion is produced by an industrialization of body and mind.
  18. A life without forgetting is a life without beauty.
  19. Unable to recover linear time, I create a new kind of time, sewn together out of moments. I create a time ecosystem, an inner-world of loops and curls.
  20. New modes of charisma are increasingly cyborg.
  21. Re-opening was a myth. What we’ve returned to is Disneyland celebrating the world that existed before Covid — but not that world itself.
  22. Coping mechanisms turned into values.

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