There is a dangerous presumption that creativity is coextensive with productivity. With their arts-and-crafts camp mentality, young “creatives” probably show off the “art” they’ve “made.” “I just want to make art” I often hear my peers say. “I feel like I’m not making anything.” “I’m not making anything.” “I just want to make art.” It’s incredible how much credit we give ourselves for “making shit”, when really, technology has made making shit very easy. Painters don’t need craft, designers use Adobe, screenwriters use various formatting programs, film editors do everything digitally — and so on. “Creativity” is largely pre-loaded on our laptops, a mere matter of pressing buttons, while an algorithm does much of the heavy lifting. Sometimes I wonder if the only truly creative act available to us is to do nothing.

Photo by Matus Hatala on Unsplash

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