Just as we outgrow a pair of trousers, we outgrow acquaintances, libraries, principles, etc., at times before they’re worn out and at times — and this is the worst of all — before we have new ones. — Lichtenberg

I’m tired of being tired of work; of Mondays. I’m tired of that ‘give us this day our daily dread’ feeling. Above all I want something new and exciting — I want to look forward to my work.

The longing for ‘the new’ however, I admit, is deadly: ‘the new’ is just another phrase for a fantasy; for the fantasies that life in a commercial society demands.

The hardest thing to do is to admit that our lives will probably not change; that the slog does not abate. Fantasy — the fantasy of escape from work-a-day reality — is analogous to sugar: a heady rush that cripples our body’s ability to adapt and flourish.

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

The question of, ‘How can I get out?’ is less philosophically interesting than ‘Why can’t I get out?’

We learn more about ourselves by admitting that we’re stuck; we deceive ourselves in thinking that much can change.

The American myth of robust individualism conceals how brutal and de-individualizing American-style capitalism is. The constant hunger for self-improvement, for climbing the ladder — the fantasy of a perfect life — is integral to the functioning of this economic system.

Symbols underpin material reality. Symbols are safety pins, holding our economic system together.

Photo by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash

Written in the margins:

  1. Alienation: the invisible pathogen of modern life.
  2. Nothing is more dangerous than wounded male pride.
  3. I have no proof that humanity/life-on-earth is not a cosmological lab experiment.

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